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Sergio Dominguez was born in Zapotlán El Grande (Ciudad Guzman) Jalisco, Mexico; in the land that gave birth to people like Jose Clemente Orozco and Juan Jose Arreola, mural master and pioneer of magical realism literature respectively. He spent his early years surrounded by volcanoes, mountains and lakes in a place where arts are not learned but absorbed and are forever present throughout the valley.

Growing up in a printing shop environment, surrounded by inks, clichés and typefaces the art of painting started to grow from the inside out.

As adolescent, he moved to the city of Guadalajara to pursue a career that would enable him to develop as a graphic artist; he joined University of Guadalajara pursuing a degree in graphic design for communications and split his time between academics and art classes at the Visual Arts School where painting started to become dominant.

As a college graduate, he launched his career in the world of advertising and worked for some of the most renowned advertising agencies in the city of Guadalajara to produce high-impact and creative campaigns. But his painting never stopped, he was drawn to this art as a magnetic field and continued with his creations; as a young artist he got his debut in group exhibitions in the United States and France as well as in local galleries in Guadalajara.

Later on he traveled around Europe to learn and appreciate the work of the great masters, to enrich his artistic vision and to bring back new experiences and ideas.

Upon his return he founded Vodooart, a creative space that combined art and design working alongside with very talented collaborators for the following four years and serving as the platform for his international art project.

He then takes a journey around the world to live in some areas of South Asia and settled in the south of France where he steadily produced his artistic creations.

With a dark style full of expression, the work of Sergio Dominguez takes a naked view of life and emotions; his canvas reflect the purest expressions of being and existence, sin and virtue. He takes painting as a thought that reflects an artistic obsession with work and perfection, not an aesthetic perfection as we know it but a personal perfection to his work; he gets inside of very human emotions to express life with a dark but eloquent vision, a realistic view of what lays beyond the aesthetic and social, to appreciate what transcends and what makes us humans, mysterious, virtuous and fragile beings able to sin and suffer.